America’s Bestseller I

July 2016
Colored pencil on matt board

The ‘America’s Bestseller’ series challenges the viewer to bring a personal background to the experience. Illustration and nondescript patterns are provided with no events, fictional or otherwise, that they are intended to represent. This allows for creative input from the viewer as questions beg for answers.

The title, ‘America’s Bestseller’, was chosen to call to the experience of a recent gem of media (Be it a book, a game, or a movie). We can always recall the most significant parts, like a series of images.

As the series continues, I can continue how to further explore the depth of the storytelling, the presentation of the composition, and the questions I want people to contemplate.

I – With this first part, I spent more mental energy figuring out the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, rather than the ‘why’. With ties to the simplest popular stories, I, along with the viewer, start to ease into what’s to come…